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Placemat advertising is the original guerrilla marketing. We all read the placemat advertising while waiting for our meal at the local diner, or pub. This is more than you can say about nearly all print advertising, nowadays. But that's only part of the value. Placemat advertising has the REPETITION Factor that all wise advertisers know is essential.

Below are some other advantages of placing your business on a Betterway Print placemat:

Quality:  Considerably sharper printing than a newspaper rag. Improved, high-contrast graphics that highlight your brand in the community.

Duration:  Betterway Print placemat advertising covers 6 months at any given location, per issue. Your ad is not "here today, gone tomorrow".

Variety:  ONLY Betterway Print produces 2 VERSIONS of each placemat to keep it fresh and add variety for continued readership. On some copies, your ad is on the left, others on the right. Likewise for top and bottom. Your ad won't be stuck under the napkin.

Exclusives:  Betterway Print has a policy of Exclusives Only (relative). Demanding variety in the products and services advertised in our placemat advertising ensures increased readership for the entire placemat. Also, your ad will be the only one of your kind of business on the placemat.



  • You may pick your spot on a Betterway Placemat (availability pending), with 2 different ad layouts to choose from
  • 2 ads from each printed version receive a random enhancement

Only Betterway Print makes sure that its placemat advertising is varied and interesting throughout their duration for enhanced readership... and read them your audience will!

Please contact us to reserve your spot on an upcoming issue. We have, on average, 11 restaurant placemat locations to choose from. You will be happy to find your company brand and message being seen and read through this kind of exposure.

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